Your MG-ADL Score Dashboard

Your MG-ADL Score Dashboard will display results from previous assessments stored on this device.

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Before your next doctor’s appointment, be sure to download the report.

Your MG-ADL Score Dashboard

The Myasthenia Gravis Activities of Daily Living (MG-ADL) questionnaire is a set of 8 simple, standardized questions that you and your doctor can use to track the severity and impact of your Myasthenia Gravis symptoms over time.

Share this report and discuss your symptoms with your healthcare team.


Assess your symptoms periodically so that you and
your doctor can track any changes.

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  3. Your doctor may also scan or click this QR code to see your interactive MG-ADL Score Dashboard as of the time of this report

Note: This QR code and link contains data from up to your most recent 30 MG-ADL assessments. Your personal device history may store more data. Try to use the same device for each assessment.